Kyle Cherek is host of the Emmy-winning television show Wisconsin Foodie on PBS and broadcast primetime to millions of households. His widely-acclaimed video web series, Chef Talk with Kyle Cherek, features candid, forthright and often amusing conversations with some of America’s most engaging chefs. As a culinary historian, food enthusiast, and storyteller, Kyle explores where our food comes from and how it shapes who we are.

Kyle has appeared a food judge on The Travel Channel, a commentator pundit on The Cooking Channel, and is a regular media contributor and essayist on NPR. He is a sought-after keynote speaker, and in 2016 presented a TEDx Talk called "We Eat What We Are," about the powerful science and emotion behind food memories.

In an effort to raise people’s consciousness about their food choices, he frequently hosts cooking demonstrations, and is a regular presenter and panelist on issues of food, sustainability and culinary trends.

At home, Kyle can often be found geeking out over food history books, cooking with his wife and children, and googling the pronunciation of awkward French culinary terms.

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